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Located in a small mini-mall on the cornerside, Crown of India is a hidden destination for delicious North Indian cuisine.  Once you get past several homeless persons who seem to have have setup shop out in front and on the adjacent street, you walk into this restaurant adorned with simplistic ambience.

Highly recommend you come here and try the SHAHI PANEER (shredded cheese cooked in an onion gravy with cashew nut sauce).  Not a fan of dishes heavy in cheese, but this signature dish is worth the visit as it has a spicy kick to it.  The LAMB VINDALOO is a personal favorite of mine with chucks of lamb meat blended in with rice.  If you are looking for a spicy dish, this is the one to try and it was quite delicious!  Despite having read that their TIKKA MASALA was one of the best in town and quite spicy, don’t believe the hype.  (First and foremost, Tikka Masala is a BORING dish.  Please please please try to order something else).  Nevertheless, someone decided to order it and it was underwhelming.   Overall aside from being a little salty, it was really delicious food.

The customer service is very friendly and they were open to explaining each of the dishes.  They are most popular during lunchtime in the Hollywood area where they do not offer a buffet but provide plenty of takeout orders.

ChaiTime: They offer chai with a free refill which is a treat!  Unfortunately, didn’t have time for my 2nd cup.

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